Tuk Tuck


5 St Stephen’s St, Bristol BS1 1EE

32 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QD

tuk tuck

Our vision is to bring traditional Asian Street food to belly’s in Bristol.

The vegan options directly from the menu are: from mains Tofu and Mushroom Salad box with a soy, lime and sesame dressing; and from sides: Miso Soup; Edamame beans; Vegan Kimbap, the Korean version of sushi flavoured with sesame and filled with veggies and tofu, which is made fresh every day, usually to order.

We can also easily ‘veganise’ 2 of the other mains on request; our Bibimbap which is rice, 7 seasoned vegetables and tofu and mushroom option served with our homemade traditional Korean gochujang sauce; and the Banh Mi which is the Vietnamese style baguette with veggies, pickles and the tofu and mushroom option. We also use a separate grill for cooking all the veg/vegan options.

6 thoughts on “Tuk Tuck

  1. I’ve just stumbled upon Tuk Tuck in the city centre close to the fountains, they are extremely vegan friendly and they make a mean sushi (kimbap)! Also their tofu mushroom banh mi with sriracha is delicious, just ask for no mayo. Will defo come back to try the rest


  2. Just had a delicious take away vegan lunch from Tuk Tuck on st Stephens street. It’s an Asian street food place and will happily veganise a number of it’s dishes. I had a vegan Bibimbap ( without the egg) and it was delicious.. Really fresh, really tasty. I would highly recommend them for lunch!


  3. Just had a lovely lunch at Tuc Tuck next to the Milk Thistle! It’s reasonably priced and REALLY tasty. The tofu and mushroom red curry is definitely worth a try


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