Kale & Kettle (closed)


Studio A, 25 – 27, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3PY


Very sad to announce its our last week of being open, ever!

Lap up all the noodles, Akkras, Sushi and Kale slaw you can before we’re gone!

Thank you to all of our loyal customers who kept us going, we couldn’t have done it without you.


Vegetarian Cafe/Restaurant situated in the vibrant area of Stokes Croft, Bristol.

At kale & Kettle we set our standards as high as our ethics. We treat our locally sourced ingredients with great love and respect. We like to show how easy and delicious it is to eat a plant based diet. We aim to maintain a positive and relaxed atmosphere for our customers.

A vibrant mix of deliciously different cuisines. From Japanese to Jamaican, from Indian to Classic English, from Mexican to Italian, with the concept of vegetarianism and veganism holding the pieces together.

All ethical, all seasonal, all tasty, all good!

One thought on “Kale & Kettle (closed)

  1. Just back from a delicious lunch at Kale & Kettle! Don’t overlook this place – it’s an unexpected little gem. It’s just 5 minutes from the city centre, has a rustic/contemporary vibe and is tiny but perfectly formed. Also don’t be put off by it saying ‘vegetarian’ as everything they had there today was vegan. The menu is really simple and actually I loved that. There were three main food options – a blackbean fritter burger, sushi wrap or salad box, plus three sides to choose from as well. There is a small selection of drinks, a daily juice and a daily bake (today was lemon drizzle cake).
    The café itself was clean, though a little aircon might be good, and the service pleasant and gentle – just two people serving great food.
    The food took a little while – but then it was cooked/prepared freshly. I had the sushi wrap – a full wrap cut into 8 and it came with a bowl of miso broth (a lovely surprise) as well as a pickled veg salad, pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. I also had a portion of wedges and a freshly made carrot and ginger juice. All of it was absolutely delicious! The sushi was moist and full of flavor – even though simply filled with avocado, tomato and peppers. The wedges and dip were lush too and I loved the miso broth!
    In the name of ‘research’ I couldn’t resist the lemon drizzle cake, so shared a piece with my friend and we loved that as well. And his fritter ‘burger’ was lush.
    I will definitely pop in to Kale and Kettle again when I’m in town. Give it a try!


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