Meat Liquor

77-79 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RD


Burgers & booze. We don’t just cater for carnivores – Veggies & Vegans welcome too and we take bookings via our website.


7 thoughts on “Meat Liquor

  1. So I went to Meatliquor yesterday. Although it doesn’t sound like our kind of place they did such YUMMY Satan chicken fingers, chilli fries and slaw. All vegan of course! They were a bit slow due to a mistake in the kitchen so they took money off our bill too and gave us free drinks! I would definitely recommend a visit


  2. I thought the food was delicious but way too greasy…. Felt like I should go for a long run after I’d eaten there! And you’re right about the chilli fries Luke, blew my head off


  3. Nah, that’s how hot wings should be. Drenched. Agree about it being soggy, but wonder if that was the seitan? I make a similar thing at home with battered baked cauliflower.


  4. The sauce itself wasn’t too spicey in moderation but this was an excessive amount like they had dumped them in a bucket of it before serving. I wonder if they just did too much for me but it was an accident?


  5. I went to the Meat Liqour last night and had the vegan burger and Satan fingers. They absolutely DROWNED the Satan fingers in hot sauce, as in the batter all dissolved and went soggy as they were so saturated. And way too spicey too. Apart from that, very tasty! I recommend asking for the hot sauce on the side!


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