Adam & Eve (closed)

7 Hope Chapel Hill, Hotwells, Bristol BS8 4ND


It is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce the imminent closure of the Adam and Eve. We have had some real issues over the last couple of months trying to keep the building and the equipment operating, which has cost us large unforeseen chunks of money. While we are hugely passionate about what we are doing in the Eve, there is only so long we can sustain spending such large amounts of cash on a building that is not ours and fixing equipment that is causing us to lose money on a week by week basis.

The support we have had in the Eve over the last 3 months has been nothing short of spectacular. We can’t thank everyone who has came down and used the place enough. The events have sold out, and the feedback we’ve had to the food has been amazing. We hope that this is not the end to what we are trying to achieve, just an interlude until we find a new premises. In the meantime, our head chef Lisa will be heading to Small Bar to take on a role there. So expect the vegan offering there to increase!

Our last day trading will be Sunday 3rd April.

Thanks again for all your support folks.

11 thoughts on “Adam & Eve (closed)

  1. We had the roast at the Adam and Eve today. It was lush! All three options were had as members of our party picked different things, and not a bad word was said, even amongst the omnis. If you haven’t been yet, I reccomend you do. I was the only greedy guts to have pudding, and I must say, I’m rather stuffed now!


  2. We’ve eaten there twice already on a Sunday. Never disappointed. Staff are lovely. Sometimes you have to wait for a table, but I’m glad it’s busy (the drinks are also top notch)


  3. Tried the Adam and Eve pub yesterday for the first time- Amazing roast!! It’s the best vegan roast I have had, I had the mushroom haggis, and my partner had the celeriac tart- both were awesome


  4. The food portions were big and good variety on the plate. Nice mix of colours which is important visually. Vegetables were nicely cooked. Not too hard or soft. I had the pie but the haggis was very nice. Nice gravy too. Not much of anything to criticise. Cost was £51 for a family of 4 including drinks. We didnt have dessert.
    Would I go again? Yes definately.


  5. IT’S SO GOOD. I had a roast and dessert and it was perfect. They’re really friendly and knowledgeable, it’s got a lovely feel to it.


  6. We were the first served and agree it was delicious. Shame the Yorkshire puddings weren’t vegan, but they are working on it apparently.


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