Old Market Assembly


25 West Street, Old Market, Bristol BS2 0DF



The Old Market Assembly serves up delicious pizzas from a seasonal and sustainable flexitarian menu. Passionate about showcasing local supplier produce with creative, flavourful dishes we create everything fresh in house.

From our hand-stretched bases from neighbours The Assembly Bakery, to the freshest produce from local market gardens. Our menu caters for all diets, with tempting plant-based options, gluten-free bases and vegan cheeses. Our bar stocks the finest Bristol brewers, winemakers, cider producers and distillers in the region and the wine list is made up solely of natural, bio-dynamic and sustainable wines.

Our dinner menu is available Thursday to Saturday and on Sundays everything turns roasty, as we break out fantastic veggie and vegan options, crispy potatoes, and seasonal veg to make Sunday the best day.

As a sustainable, ethical restaurant we are committed to having a small carbon footprint and we aim to achieve this by using fresh and local produce sourced from farms close to our restaurant.


New Bristol Brewery


20a Wilson Street, Bristol, BS2 9HH

New Bristol Brewery is a small, but daring, brewery located slap bang in the middle of Bristol. Owned and operated by us, husband and wife team, Noel and Maria.

We brew all our beers in small batches, one beer at a time, as it is our goal to keep your taste buds intrigued by constantly producing different flavours. To us making the same beers all the time would be boring and are constantly experimenting with different hops, barrels and yeasts. We take risks and explore the progression of traditional styles to create increasingly forward thinking, great tasting beers.

Out taproom has 9 taps, pouring our freshest beer, as well as local cider, wine and organic soft drinks. We are friends with a lot of Bristols best ‘pop-up’ food eateries and can recommend caterers on request.

I would say about 80% of them are vegan friendly.

Left Handed Giant


Unit 3 Wadehurst Industrial Estate, St Philips Road, St Philips, Bristol BS2 0JE

left handed giant

In 2014, a man named Rich Poole walked into Small Bar, Bristol, and handed some beer over to Bruce Gray and Jack Granger. This began a brewing journey that started on a 200L kit through the back of that same bar, before developing into a cuckoo brewery operation known as Left Handed Giant.

We brewed for the first time on our brand new kit at our St Philips brewery last week, and it seemed only fitting that the first brew would be Dream House.

Our new brewery and tap room are finally ready! Come join us this weekend to check out what we’ve been up to and drink some beer in a great, socially distant environment. We’ve got the team from Yalla serving up vegan and vegetarian shawarma throughout our opening times.

The Incredible Brewing Company


214-244 Broomhill Road, Brislington, Bristol BS4 5RG

incredible brewing co

We have evolved into one of the most innovative, creative Craft Breweries in the West. We may have expanded but are ethos remains the same….to bring fresh natural hand crafted beers to a wider market and promote local sustainable business.

Our unique experimental style delivers an innovative range of Craft Beer that pushes the boundaries of convention. We showcase the World’s finest hops and source seasonal ingredients to elevate the flavour profiles. The beer is produced naturally with no additives, filtering or finings so it’s suitable for vegans. Our ethos remains the same….to bring fresh, natural hand-crafted beers to a wider market and to promote beer as more inclusive product to match with food.

Arbor Ales


Unit 4 Lawrence Hill Industrial Park, Croydon St, Bristol BS5 0EB



From our site in Easton, our team currently brews and packages in excess of one and a half million pints a year.  That’s pints, full pints and nothing but pints (apart from the odd 440ml can, but we don’t talk about those). Never shying away from trying out new ideas, we have an extensive back catalogue of recipes covering a vast array of styles and ABV’s.  Though all different in their own way, they were all born out of a desire to make beer that we are proud of and importantly, that we really want to drink ourselves.

Wiper & True


10-16 York St, Bristol BS2 9XT

wiper & true 2

Wiper and True are opening a bigger better shiny new brewery & taproom later this year in Old Market, Bristol.

In 2015 we built our own brewery in St Werburghs, Bristol. Our drive since then has been towards refinement, constantly reviewing our recipes and processes.

Whilst our apparatus may have become more sophisticated, our thirst for experimentation and enjoying our craft remains the driving force behind Wiper and True. We hope you enjoy the drinking as much as we did the brewing.

We use the finest ingredients possible and avoid any unnecessary chemicals or processing aids. We do not pasteurize, filter or clear our beers with synthesised chemicals. Where specified our beers are vegan and vegetarian friendly. Please check the label.

We’re delighted that our Bristol Tap Room is now back open, serving a range of delicious Bristol-brewed craft beers, fresh from the tank. We aren’t taking bookings, so simply rock up and we’ll find you a table.