Conscience Foods & Lifestyle

1 Bath Hill, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1EB

Why the name? Because increasing awareness & allowing informed choices on the foods we eat & the lifestyles we lead, becomes down to our individual conscience.

Preaching good things to people is never going to work. That’s why we try to offer a huge selection of organic, local & plastic-free products to stay healthy & protect our precious environment from more harm. In doing so, we are also protecting our planet for future generations and for our sacred animals & struggling wildlife.

When you shop at Conscience Foods & Lifestyle, you are not only helping us, as a small business with a small team, but you are also helping other small & local businesses who supply us with some fantastic artisan products. Because we trade ethically, you may pay a little more for some of our products, we know.

We are talking English wines, crusty sourdough bread which takes 48h to ferment, micro-breweries, jams & chutneys, as much locally grown fruit & veg as we can get (all organic of course) and a huge selection of food & toiletry refills to reduce single use plastic … Plus lots more.


3 thoughts on “Conscience Foods & Lifestyle

  1. just went into g and d free on keynsham high Street and treated myself to lots of awesome stuff, they had 4 different flavours of booja booja ice cream!


  2. Delighted to see your move, as a Coeliac, do struggle to get beyond the normal boring mass produced items, so was pleased to see your coming to our high street


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