Vegan Bristol News / RT’s No 2

We’re often tweeting/retweeting useful Vegan Bristol stuff, so here are a few more

bearpit social brownies

Heavenly and Raw found at Bearpit Social


black sheep sunday

The Black Sheep menu is on


easy rawlins pop

Vegan Pop Up info is HERE


bristol bakehouse wc

More about Bristol Bakehouse on



Catch KCMB at The Moon


matter pop up

VegeFreque, Mr Tea’s Teas, & Matter Wholefoods Pop Up info is HERE



Trewhitts vegan catering listed HERE


flow rt

Go with the Flow


green rocket sunday official

Sunday sorted then at Green Rocket


hannah rt

Hannah Donuts & Bolts also listed on VB now, see HERE


jeevan twit rt

Finally open in Easton


spotless leopard rt

Louise is back from hols so drop by


bav beer

Bavarian Beerhouse also now on VB


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