Bavarian Beerhouse

46-48 Queen Charlotte Street, Bristol  BS1 4HX

bavarian beerhouse vegan bristol

Bavarian Beerhouse Bristol closed

Due to an unforeseen dispute with the property owner, we are not going to re-open. We feel very sorry especially for our staff, who did a wonderful job. After 4 years, it is time to say “Bye Bye Bristol”

The Bavarian Beerhouse is not simply a German Restaurant and bar, it is also a meeting place for friends or even strangers due our long wooden benches and tables. Our newest addition to the Bavarian Beerhouse Family is our Bristol venue, opened in September 2013. Near to the waterfront and Queen Square, this beautiful venue has all the charm of it’s London siblings.

All our beer and food is sourced from Germany. We have our own refrigerated truck driving to and from Germany on a regular basis to guarantee our fresh produce.

It’s not just this however that makes us so authentic but also the authenticity of our staff, who are mostly all native German speakers!


One thought on “Bavarian Beerhouse

  1. Just to help out fellow vegans I’ve had a quick look at the beer menu to try and figure out what’s suitable. Generally German beers are a safe bet as they adhere to the German Beer Purity Law (known as ‘Reinheitsgebot’). Basically it forbids any ingredients other than water, barley, hops and yeast in beer production.

    Additionally, a great deal of wheat beers come out of this region and they’re meant to be served hazy! Even Bristol Beer Factory’s ‘Hefe’ is vegan friendly, unlike the rest of their output sadly.

    Anyway, you’ll find that Lowenbrau, Bitburger Beer and all the Erdinger ones are vegan friendly. Unfortunately I’ve not had a response from the other two breweries listed, both Fischer’s and Krombacher.

    It does look like the former is part of Erdinger so is very likely to be vegan too. From research on the internet ( it does look like the Krombacher beers would be vegan too due to the aforementioned purity law.


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