We’re going to add a list of frequently asked questions, hopefully helping you find info quicker & easier, that you could also share with others.

1 I need a vegan birthday cake for my daughter’s 18th, can you recommend anyone in the Bristol area?

Earthcake is a must. A;sp try Spotless Leopard who regularly make cakes, cupcakes, and savoury buffet foods for special events available for collection or delivery; Mighty Food Fight can help if you’re in need of a vegan celebration cake; Fi Real make a lovely vegan guava jam sponge cake or victoria sponge cake to name a few; Ahh Toots can help you give someone special the ultimate indulgence on their birthday/anniversary/wedding day; Little Roar make raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free delights lovingly crafted in Bristol; Rawsome are available to order online for delivery within the UK; & Bristol Bakehouse are gluten-free and vegan specialists, making delicious cakes for either collection or delivery within Bristol. Not forgetting Kind Cakes mean Bakes who would love to cater & / or make cakes for your vegan event, special occasions, etc. Do let them know if they can assist. Also see www.veganbristol.com/category/bakeries-cakeries/

2 Where can I buy seitan?

If you’re after buying the vital wheat gluten or gluten flour or seitan mix to make it yourself, then head to Scoopaway on Glos Rd, maybe Wild Oats just off Blackboy Hill also. If you’re after the finished product or similar, then most of the healthfood shops will stock it (Harvest, Better Food Co, Earthbound, Scoopaway, Wild Oats), and the many Oriental supermarkets will also sell similar products too. If you’re after buying the best seitan sandwich to eat on the go, you have to drop by The Spotless Leopard on Alma Rd off Whiteladies Rd Clifton.

3 Where can the best vegan breakfast be found in Bristol or Bath?

Hopefully the “Best six cooked breakfasts in Bristol & Bath (vegan)” list will help. Try them all and let us know your thoughts.

4 Where can I buy jackfruit in Bristol?

Coming soon.

5 Where can I buy nutritonal yeast in Bristol or Bath?

Obviously stock changes etc, but as of today (11/7/2015) Better Food Co in St Werbughs, Eartbound, Harvest (guessing that’ll be the same for the Bath store), La Ruca, Matter, Scoopaway, & Wild Oats sell both Marigold Engevita Nutritional Yeast Flakes and the Marigold Yeast Flakes with Vitamin B12. Better Food Co on Whiteladies Rd only sold the non B12 version, and Radford Mill Farm Shop sold only the with vitamin B12 version. For more about the product itself, see www.marigoldhealthfoods.com

Southville Deli also confirmed “We stock both types of Marigold nutritional yeast”. Gaines in Totterdown sell it ans Sweetmart in Easton too..

6 Can you please recommend the best place to buy vegan cheese in Bristol?

We asked all the health food shops and this is what a few have said.

Matter sell Mozzarisella, regular and smoked; Sheese cream cheese alternative; and Vegusto.

Harvest said “As for vegan cheeses we stock Vegusto No Moo Classic & Golden hard cheeses, Vegusto No Moo Melty style, VioLife original spreadable cheese, Veganic grated pizza cheese, Bute Island spreadable Scheese in Garlic n Herb and Sweet Chilli flavours, Bute Island hard cheeses in Smoked Cheddar style and Cheddar style with chives, VBites Edam style cheezly, Mozzarisella vegan rice cheese (spreadable). We would stock a wider range of flavours and varieties of vegan cheeses but fridge space limits our possibilities.”

Better Food Co said “Rightio! In terms of Vegan cheeses, we sell 6 varieties of Violife, including the smoked one (Corinne in the office says that’s her fave!), Toffuti slices, Cheezly (4 varieties) and Sheese, both soft and firm varieties!”

Wild Oats kindly replied with “In regards to vegan cheese, in our fridges you will find a variety of vegan cheeses including; Sheese (hard cheddar style and creamy original and garlic and herb), Vio-life slices in both original and smokey and also Vegusto in a variety of flavours (Mild-Aromatic being a favourite of Sallys, or the Piquant which has been used as a parmesan) . We also stock a vegan mozzarella made from brown rice, which my colleague (Sally) says is very smooth and creamy, very nice for a vegan pizza or just on crackers.”

Southville Deli have confirmed “We stock No Muh, & cheezly & Bute Island cheese substitute. All the best”.

Eartbound sell Veganic pizza cheese, Vegusto, Violife (& slices), vbites, Sheese, & Tofutti spread. Radford Mill sell vbites cheese. Scoopaway never replied but a recent visit shows they sell vbites, Violife, Tofutti soft, & Sheese. La Ruca also didn’t reply, but again, a recent visit shows they sell Sheese & Tofutti. Sweetmart also sell a few choices too.

7 Anyone know if there is a tattoo studio in or near Bristol that has vegan ink as an option?

This is from Bristol Vegans Facebook group.

We have a vegan set up! Myself and the shop owner Toni are both vegan too! Most ink brands will state either on their website or on the bottle if they are vegan or not, so double check with your artist, they might already know, if not just ask them for the brand they use and check online. I think most of the larger brands used are vegan. As for things like stencil paper and stencil transfer etc, they are less commonly vegan but there are vegan options out there. Rae Stanny did a video review on vegan tattoos a little while back.”

“I’ve asked whether they use vegan ink at Broad Street Tattoo in Bath and they do.”

“The lady that did my tattoos at Electric Vintage in Bath only uses vegan inks – just check when booking though. They are very good electricvintagetattoo.com”.

8 Can anyone recommend a good hairdressers?

This is also from Bristol Vegans Facebook group.

“I am going to try Bonomini hair (for the first time) this month because they use Davines hair products from Italy which haven’t been tested on animals and are mostly vegan ..I asked them to only use the vegan products on my hair and they made a note of it.
I also heard that Samuel David hairdressing uses the same line and will use only the vegan products so I may try them in the future too.”

“Bonomimi ask for Aneta I’m seeing her today, they have a good range of sfv products that they use and colour is vegan too!!”

“Betties and Baldwins bettiesandbaldwins.com/contact use Evo hair care stuff “our company does not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. we evaluate our finished products in clinical tests on volunteer panels” evohair.com/au/help/general-information”.

Millers Organic Hair is in Bedminster. The products are amazing and all plant based (all vegan and organic) . The prices are really reasonable and the staff are really friendly.

9 Where can I buy liquid smoke?

Try Dr. Burnörium’s Hot Sauce Emporium located within the historic St Nicholas Market in the centre of Bristol.


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