Upcoming vegan-ish events in March

New veggie & vegan dishes from chef Darren Cox at The Old Bookshop.

old bookshop

The Old Bookshop, from March 2015, are opening up their kitchen to guest chefs, pop-ups and street food traders. Customers can expect creative, freshly cooked dishes, made from locally sourced ingredients.

STARTING MONDAY 2 MARCH, The Old Bookshop presents it’s first kitchen takeover from chef Darren Cox, previous chef and founding member of The Runcible Spoon. March 2-28th, see HERE for more info.

Gopals Curry Shack are popping up at Crofters Rights

Indian street food, craft beer, Stokes Croft. 17th-28 March. See HERE for more.

Raw Magic Five course Raw Vegan Mexican Dinner Party

Superfood Sangria, Cilantro SouperStar, Nachos Nachos, Champagne Chia Trifles, After Dinner Mints, Macapuccinos. March 24th, see HERE for more info.

Honestly Healthy Supper Club Tour! First stop, The Square Club Bristol

Full of delicious alkaline goodies and menu constructed from the new ‘Honestly Healthy Cleanse’ book that was out in January. The evening will include, a nourishing starter, main, dessert and a glass of sparkling! 26th of March, see HERE for more info.

Launch of a new veggie food venture at 40 Alfred Place

Leafy Green will be popping up and into life. Lunch will be served from 12 till 2pm. It will be fairly light – soup, salads and breads – and will cost a fiver. Dinner will be served from 7pm – three courses and a pre-dinner cocktail for £15 a head. 26th March, see HERE for more info.

Vegan Polish Food Night

Despite appearances, polish food does not taste only of vodka and grey stews made of cabbage and potatoes. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience delicious, authentic plant based 3 course meal! March 29th, see HERE for more info.


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