18 Things Everyone Needs To Eat In Bristol & Bath (vegan)

Sunday Roast at Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen

Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen logo

Currently spiced parsnip soup or carrot & cashew pate with pickles, salad, and spelt crisps; nut roast with rosemary potato galette, garlic brussels, apple purée, cranberries and a hazelnut sherry sauce; and chocolate pot with raspberry sorbet and candied pistachios. The menu anytime of day is a differemt league. Try a taster manu when available.

beyond the hale
Juices at Beyond The Kale

All organic juices & raw plant based whole foods.

burger theory

Burgers (vg) at Burger theory

Four veggie burgers can be veganised by dropping the cheese and mayo, replacing it with vegan mayo, Violife vegan cheese and extra salad.

dragon express

Takeaway/delivery from Dragon Express

Starters are always a fav of Vegan Vix, particularly satay veggie chicken on skewers and salt and pepper tofu. Veggie lamb with tomato is also a winner.

fi real banner2

Escovitched tofu at Fi Real

Along with jerk tofu, spicy (veggie) meatballs, the sorrel juice, the kickin ginger juice, & the welcome.

Bean curd stewed in black bean sauce at Friends Chinese restaurant

The straw mushrooms in vegetarian oyster sauce & spicy salt & pepper bean curd too.

gopals banner

Creamy coconut, sweet potato & red pepper curry at Gopal’s Curry Shack

And everything else vegan theses ladies do, the aloo tikki chaat, samosas, pakoras and more.


Indonesian tempeh at Green Rocket Cafe

Too many other good things to also mention about this vegan restaurant with veggie options, do check out for yourself.

Chestnut, squash, & mushroom pie at Hunkimori pop-up restaurant

And again, everything else from these folks when they pop-up with their ever varying plant-based cuisine that can’t come in permanent restaurant form soon enough.


Cheesecake at Kind Cakes Mean Bakes pop up food stall

And the Jaffa Fakes, vegan snickers, and every quiche, flan, cake, pie with no animal product you can imagine too.

krishnas inn

Masala Dosa at Krishna’s Inn

The chana Masala too

pepe nero

Sausage & mushrooms pizza at Pepe Nero

And the vegan feast, the lasagne, the cannelloni …..

redland curry delivery logo

Veggie Chicken Curry Masala from Redland Curry Delivery

From the 100% Vegetarian and Vegan friendly business.


Japanese Curry from Teohs

Along with the free sky juice.


The Vegan Bristolian from The Bristolian Cafe

Arguably the best vegan breakfast to be found in Bristol, including veggie sausages, sesame infused spinach, scrambled tofu, mushrooms, toast, beans ,tomatoes & crispy fried potatoes. Try it & let us know.


Sunday Roast at The Lansdown

Gets very busy on a Sunday so definitely book in advance & highly recommended by The Cheeky Vegan.


All donuts from The MIghty Food Fight

UPDATE. TMFF is sadly now closed. You can see 50 of the best TMFF donuts HERE.

spotless leopard

Seitan sandwich from The Spotless Leopard

The best sandwich in Bristol is the seitan sandwich flavoured with fresh ginger, soy sauce and black pepper, with fried onions, salad leaves, mustard and ketchup. Equally as recommended is the blackened tempeh Reuben wrap/sandwich with sauerkraut, fried onions, tomato, mixed leaves, mustard, mayo and a Russian tahini dressing.

You can read part two by clicking HERE.


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