Seeds ‘N’ Smiles (vegan)

Hello there! I’m Freya – a law student based in Bristol, England with a passion for ethical eating and helping the world in any way possible. 🙂 I mainly blog about vegan food and, uh, more vegan food!! 😀

I want to do some “What I Eat In A Day,” vlogs/blog entries starting in 2015 but NOT just the days I’m completely healthy. I’ll include days when I have take out vegan pizza with fake meats and cheeses (so delish omg), days when I bake, days when I don’t have breakfast until almost midday. I want to prove that veganism and taking healthier steps isn’t hard because I’m so passionate about it. Veganism especially isn’t just constant green smoothies and yoga (although it is that too! That’s also cool. Just not the only route). 🙂


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