Planet Pizza

187 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8BG


Plan’et n. Heavenly body revolving around the sun.
Pizza n. Baked pie of Italian origin.
Plan’et Pizza n. Vibrant restaurant serving out of this world pizzas and heavenly salads in a friendly setting.

We make our pizza dough fresh each morning. We offer gluten free pizza bases using doves gluten free flour*. Planet Vegan – Vegan mozzarella and any 3 toppings – £8.45 9″/ £12.95 12″.

Monday to Friday until 5pm
……on PIZZA
Sunday – Wednesday 5 – 7pm to eat in
PIZZA & A PINT Tuesday all day
£7.95 includes a side

12 thoughts on “Planet Pizza

  1. Really nice pizza and atmosphere. They have vegan brunch options too and some nice looking salads. The vegan cheese on the pizza is good – melts well and the olives are some of the nicest I’ve had on pizza!

    Only concern is that chips aren’t vegan and the staff are not good at letting you know this (even if you are ordering vegan pizza) which is disappointing for a ‘vegan friendly’ place. They only have one fryer so it’s understandable but definitely needs to be made clearer and all staff should point it out. Not all veggie options are labelled with a v or vg etc so I think it’s natural to assume chips would be vegan – watch out!

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  2. I went for the pizza and pint night. I really like this little place – the décor and music is quite funky and the service laid back but pleasant. I had a pizza with mushrooms, olives, sweetcorn and vegan cheese. It was quite tasty! I opted for the side salad – and this was pretty much some leaves with one slice of tomato and one slice of cucumber – but it was ok and it’s still a good price I reckon.
    All in all I liked the place and my veggie friend did too. A good one to start the evening with and then go our for drinks nearby after.

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  3. We visited Planet Pizza on a Saturday night, so it was naturally “buzzing” – its not a romantic quiet cozy meal, it will have background noise (there is a table football game near the entrance) . But the greeting and service is very good and the food very nice. We both had a vegan pizza, and you get to choose 3 toppings each pizza (12″ – dont judge me, I failed) was £12.95 and was very tasty. Tracey loved the cheese topping. We also had Fentemen Ginger beer and I had a pint of Birra Moretti beer. The only thing I would not do again was order a side of sweet potato chips, as they were a bit soggy – and the 2 12″ pizzas were more than enough to fill us up anyway !!

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  4. A local pizza place has added a vegan pizza to the menu. Yaaaaaay! It’s Planet Vegan- vegan cheese with 3 toppings of your choice.

    So easy for pizza restaurants to add vegan cheese on a pizza and make everyone (Vix) happy.

    Planet Pizza have started added cheezly and it tastes good. I guess a pizza oven makes it melt super well which helps.

    The black olives on this were divine too. (Pic on my blog and it’s worth looking at!)

    I fear my pizza consumption is about to rise sharply!

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