Gaines Greengrocers

172 Wells Road, Bristol BS4 2AL

We have been at 172 Wells Road since April 2012. We are a very busy shop! We have fantastic support from local residents. We are passionate about food and stock a very wide range of not only fruit and vegetables but also wholefoods.

We sell a great range of fruit & veg as well as other delicous food such as rice, pasta, coffee, tea and a great range in our fridges. We run a generous loyalty card scheme whereby you receive a free Organic Veg Box once you have 12 stamps.

We know you still have to shop at the Supermarket for some of your goods but we hope that you can now get most of your weekly shop at Gaines and other shops in the area. We stock bread from Herberts and Pullins bakery and can always keep a loaf aside for you if you drop us a line.


One thought on “Gaines Greengrocers

  1. Great to have a wholefoody type place in Knowle. This one is not vegetarian or vegan but does stock a lot of vegan staples like Essential yeast extract and nutritional yeast (with B12). Also good bread and lots of good quality vegetables and fruit.


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