No.1 Harbourside

No.1 Canons Rd, Bristol BS1 5HU

no 1 harbourside

When No.1 Harbourside opened its doors in 2010 we wanted to show the people of Bristol we were not “just another bar”.

We take deliciousness seriously. Our Mums always said not to rush our food and we like the Slow Food philosophy of “good, clean and fair” – food that’s delicious, with no nasties and a fair price to producers.

We like meat, but think it should be a treat, so our menu includes a range of vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options. Next to seasonal main courses, our chefs enjoy tempting adventurous customers with a selection of ‘small plates’.

We’ve been awarded the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s highest rating of three stars in recognition of our sourcing policy, how we dispose of our waste, our use of renewable energy, our commitments to our staff and being an active member of the community.

One thought on “No.1 Harbourside

  1. Obviously the location of this restaurant is great. The styling is interesting (I’m not really a fan of the asylum / hospital type chairs – but that’s just me!), the vibe is good and the service is friendly. I loved that their menu was so original and also seasonal. I found the dishes to be pretty unusual and found it quite hard to choose because of that! I opted for the gnocchi with some kind of rich tomato sauce (minus the added cheese as per the menu) and have to say it was the most delicious gnocchi I’ve ever had! I think I would like to go back here each season and try something new and it’s a good one to take real foodie friends to as they’ll probably like that the menu is a little more inventive than most other places.


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