The Mighty Food Fight (closed)


Hello Food Fighters! We will be holding our Last Hurrah at Drink Moor Beer on SATURDAY 22 AUGUST 2015 as part of the Bristol Eats yard party!

We’ve had such a brilliant time being The Mighty Food Fight on our food truck René, but the time has come for us to look for new things, and TMFF won’t be continuing in it’s present format after that day.

We want to say MASSIVE THANK YOU to all our lovely loyal customers and everyone who has supported us, particularly when René was poorly. You’re the best!

The Mighty Food Fight is Hannah, Isabel and René, a 1978 Citroen HY van. We met in BRISTOL through of a shared love of punk rock and vegan FOOD, we cooked a lot together and then fell in love with René. The food we make is from PLANTS, ones that are good for you and taste amazing. Eating them helps you feel MIGHTY. We love our BALLS because they are fried but packed full of healthy, flavoursome things. Our DONUTS are an icing-drenched treat to get your teeth into. We are fighting to feed YOU in the best way possible: vegan ingredients, awesome tastes, a little bit deli and lots of smiles.


6 thoughts on “The Mighty Food Fight (closed)

  1. Again, I think Sian has given the perfect summary here! Two lovely ladies, a wonderful set of wheels and vibrant, unique offerings. The tacos were like nothing I’ve had before. The chipotle balls particularly tickled my fancy. I’m yet to get my hands on the fabled doughnuts as they seem to fly out of the hatch, but I’ve had a taster and it was delicious. A great addition to Bristol’s vegan scene!


  2. Went today with the young people. A bit tricky to find but – Vegan Doughnuts! Happy to see other people there too so can’t be that hard to find. Small seating area for 2-3 people. Lovely service with a smile and all vegan. Very reasonably priced – fed 3 adult sized people lunch for under £20 (that included doughnuts).


  3. Having been to the Launch Party and had a taster of what will be on offer, I can hand on heart say that this is a very exciting venture. Lunch will consist of two soft tacos filled with a choice of two different types of ‘balls’ – Pizza Quinoa Balls and Chipotle Chilli Balls. Both of these are delicious! The Pizza Quinoa balls are made with butter beans so they have a decadent creamy/cheesiness to them that you wouldn’t expect. The Chipotle Chilli Balls I believe are made with pinto beans and they have a nice spicy kick but aren’t too much so even the chilli-phobes can enjoy! Once you decide on which balls you want (naturally I’m going for both!) you pick from a range of salads and sauces and walk away with an incredible lunch for just £3.80.

    That’s not even mentioning their vegan donuts. Oh, good god, their vegan donuts.

    They are to die for – spongey, caramelised, exactly how I remember donuts to be. Except these ones are totally vegan and I could eat many many many of them (if my waist-band would allow it).

    Definitely check them out!


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