Hunkimori (vegan)

Plant-based cuisine for you and for the planet.

We’ve been cooking plant-based cuisine for friends and family for as long as we can remember and have built up something of a reputation for tasty dishes that take vegetables and fruit into another realm! We also make artisan nutchz, our nut-based alternative to dairy cheese.

hunkimori is an ethical business and we pay the people who work with us the Living Wage.

All our our produce is sourced as responsibly as possible, with the emphasis on fair trade, seasonality, local and sustainable produce supplied by food businesses such as Essential, Leigh Court Farm, Elm Tree Farm, The Betterfood Company. Much of our food is produced using organic methods and we support the work of The Soil Association on banning pesticides and GM foods. Our prime concern is for the welfare of animals and we support the work of Viva!.

The majority of our fresh produce comes from within a 50 mile radius of the city, picked fresh and cooked with a passion and love for all things plant. All packaging used is eco-friendly and compostable. We support the Bristol Pound.


3 thoughts on “Hunkimori (vegan)

  1. Went to a pop-up recently and cannot fault the food. Hunkimori serves up a delicious range of healthy vegan fare with a bit of imagination!

    We had cauliflower mousse drizzled with white truffle oil, aubergine roulade stuffed with roasted tofu, steamed mushroom & root veg pudding with rosemary roast potatoes and a chocolate and hazelnut torte – needless to say I could barely walk afterwards because I was stuffed silly.

    Really hope they open up something permanent in Bristol soon!


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