Roll For The Soul (closed)

2 Quay Street, Bristol BS1 2JL

rfts menu

We’re sorry to say that we’ll be closing at the end of 2017 (Sat Dec 23rd). It’s still some way off at the time of writing (September), but now that the decision’s been made we want to let people know.

We have a choice about whether to renew our lease for another five years from early 2018. After looking at how likely it is that we’d be able to run a viable business throughout that time, we’ve decided: not likely enough to be worth the risk.

If we call time at the end of the year, we can go out making sure that everyone gets paid for their work, all our suppliers get paid, and we don’t leave a mess behind. We can do it with dignity and on our terms. If we commit to another five years, it may well not be so clean and tidy.

There are lots of reasons why we’ve reached this conclusion, but the simplest explanation is that it’s become more and more difficult to be profitable. We’ve looked at lots of things that we could do to make more money, or spend less. But it’s difficult to see a solution that avoids compromises we don’t want to make.

We’re so grateful for the support we’ve had over the last four years. It’s been a humbling and joyful experience to meet so many great people, to have so many people help us out, and to be part of an enormous, diverse and wonderful network of individuals and organisations who stand for something better than profit-at-all-costs. We’ll try to thank as many of you as we can in person over the coming months.

So we’ll be gone from Quay Street come Christmas. At the moment it’s our intention to continue as normal until then, but that may change as people find other work. We’ll keep you posted.

We’d really love these last few months to be fun and full of bikes, talks, workshops, music and all the other stuff that brings people together under our roof. It’s sad to be going, but it’s good to have been here, so we’d like to celebrate that. Please join in if you’d like to.

Roll for the Soul is a not-for-profit bike café, workshop and event space.  We have a cafe and workshop side by side, so you can get a good feed, a good coffee, and get your bike fixed up all at the same time.

Our light, bright, licensed cafe offers healthy, hearty vegetarian and vegan food from good sources at good prices. We’re not totally organic (although all our dairy and many of our other ingredients are) or local (although many of our suppliers are, including our good friends at East Bristol Bakery and Edible Futures, both of whom deliver by bike). But we do take pride in working with suppliers who share our values and avoiding those who don’t. The standard menu is here, but we have a range of specials every day too.

7 thoughts on “Roll For The Soul (closed)

  1. So sad 😦 i had one of my first amazing dates with my now long term boyfriend here. So sad. 😦 Thank you for planting an amazing memory that i will always hold!


  2. After reading the rave reviews I went for brunch to find beans on toast the only option! I had it cos I was really hungry but soooooo boring and the coffee cake was so so dry as to be inedible really disappointed


  3. We love Roll for the Soul – the Mezze is always amazing and really varied each time we go. And it’s amazing value. They always have great vegan options for dessert too.


  4. I had the ‘classic combo’ of Soul burger, chips and salad and it was excellent. The chips were the best I’ve had in a long, long time.
    I like the atmosphere. The staff are lovely and if I need things for my bike randomly then I can buy them from there.
    If you’re using the toilet, bring something to dry your hands with. Just saying.


  5. I LOVE Roll For The Soul, it’s my go-to place for meeting with friends, having lunch or just tea and cake. It’s a veggie place with lots of vegan options. The spicy lentil burger is great, the chips are delicious. Friends visiting Bristol said their falafel are the best they’ve ever had. A side salad is only £2.50 and great value for money. A salad platter is £5 and monstrous! They have a changing selection of vegan cakes (and vegan ice cream). Good range of hot, cold and alcoholic drinks. It’s great if you’re in a group with varying degrees of hunger and thirst, something for everyone! If you haven’t been then I strongly suggest going there and finding out for yourself!


  6. This is a firm favorite with our family. Excellent chips and I’m pretty keen on the burger and all their cakes. Always have soya milk for drinks and lots of wraps, burgers and salad options. They’re working on a vegan breakfast which atm is just garlic mushrooms and beans on toast (which is a very generous portion).


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