The Lansdown

8 Clifton Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1AF

The Lansdown menu boasts a variety of tasty dishes, with as many of our ingredients as possible sourced locally, and prepared in our kitchen.

On Sunday, the Lansdown serves its legendary roast. Everything is freshly prepared and cooked in our kitchen, so we’re able to be flexible with dietary requirements – our lovely vegetarian Sunday nut roast is now vegan (we can also provide a vegan pudding option). We can also offer Gluten free gravy on request.

5 thoughts on “The Lansdown

  1. Pretty exciting to be able to get a vegan Sunday roast here. The selection on the plate was lovely although I personally found it a bit bland – it wouldn’t stop me going back for more as I enjoyed it nonetheless. I wish there was a vegan option of the cauliflower cheese!


  2. Gets very busy on a Sunday so definitely book in advance – we were extremely lucky in that we hung around awkwardly long enough for a couple to leave, and we nabbed their table.

    Really nice vegan roast – their nut roast is incredibly good. I don’t know what ingredient it was, but something in there gave it a very ‘meaty’ texture – perhaps chestnuts?

    Highly recommended.


    • Hey Sian, thanks for recommending us, we take great pride in our vegetarian and vegan offerings. Our nut roast is cashew and walnut just for your info. Hopefully see you again soon, kind regards,
      Chris (Bar Manager)


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