Tampopo (closed)


Glasshouse (level 3), Cabot Circus Shopping Centre, Bristol, BS1 3BX

The Bristol restaurant closed at the end of June 2015. Tampopo have said that they are looking to open a new branch in Bristol as soon as possible.

Ok so Tampopo does a bit of every type of Asian cuisine, I know.. but hey ho. It’s in the Vietnamese category for now haha. They do a vegan sign on the menu so you can clearly see what is vegan-friendly! The Korean noodle dish I got was nice and I’d get it again.
From http://thathummuslife.wordpress.com

In this Bristol vegan friendly restaurant you’ll find mouth-watering Small Dishes which can be taken as sides, starters or shared with friends, delicately flavoured East Asian Salads, hearty Soup Noodles for a big appetite, Wok-fried Noodle & Rice Dishes which are the original healthy “food-on-the-go” of East Asia, sizzling Stir-fried Specials, and Sauce-based Specials which are fragrant curries and stews made to age-old authentic recipes.

Vegetarian dishes are indicated with the letter “V”. Vegan dishes are marked with the letters “Ve”

2 thoughts on “Tampopo (closed)

  1. I have to say I disagree with Bertrand – admittedly the vegan options are somewhat limited but you’ve probably got just as much choice as somewhere like Wagamama (who don’t always label fish sauce in their meals).

    I think the food quality is great, I love having salty edamame, followed by fresh spring rolls, followed by Korean Chap Chae with deep fried tofu. I’ve never found the service to be patronising, quite the opposite in fact, I’ve always had great banter with the staff. I recommend Tampopo highly. They also have lots of asian products for sale, such as coconut milk, soy/chilli sauces, noodles, etc.


  2. The labeling here is really good for vegans and the food quality is good.. its just the vegan options are uninspired, the service is patronising, the seats are uncomfortable and its a bit overpriced. Personally I would just go next door to Zizi’s or over to Wagamamas- they have the same problems but the food is better.


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