Southville Deli

262 North Street, Southville, BS3 1JA

259-261 Church Road, Redfield, BS5 9HT

Southville Deli Zero Waste Store is at 253 North St, Bedminster. Bristol

southville deli logo

There’s nowhere quite like the Southville Deli.

With our delicious range of organic and wholefoods. Not to mention our range of gluten-free, wheat-free, vegetarian and vegan products.

If you have special dietary requirements – gluten-free, wheat-free, coeliac or lactose-intolerant we have a range of products that cater especially for you.

At Southville Deli we only stock organic wines, plus a selection of bottled real ales & ciders some of which are produced as locally as North Street!

2 thoughts on “Southville Deli

  1. Visited the Redfield branch today and picked up lunch-Cajun style “chicken” banquet and salt and pepper crisps plus a chocolate torte. All vegan and all lovely.


  2. The Southville one is our nearest wholefood type place for specialist items like vegan mayo and loose porridge oats. One of the few places that sell Vegusto products in Bristol although they’ve been woefully lacking in Piquant and mildly aromatic “cheese” recently which as we all know are the best vegusto products ever.


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