Redland Curry Delivery (Veg)


We are a curry delivery service preparing freshly made Indian curries from our purpose built kitchen in Elm Lane, Redland. Our dishes are freshly prepared using organic ingredients where possible. 100% Vegetarian and Vegan friendly .

Our cuisine originates from the Punjab in northern India and has its own unique flavour. Around 90% of “Indian” takeaways in the UK are actually Bangladeshi in origin. We invite you to experience truly authentic Indian cuisine.

They have a large vegan menu and half the family are vegan so they really get it. They will do a selection of dishes with meat free chicken, beef and lamb as well as vegetable curries, chana masala etc and the cooking is awesome. Timbo


4 thoughts on “Redland Curry Delivery (Veg)

  1. Redland curry delivery – lovely people, fantastic menu, great idea. I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews for this place but unfortunately my own experiences can’t mirror this. I’ve ordered from there twice now, and each time have been disappointed. The dishes were unlabelled and the mains couldn’t be distinguished from each other through smell, taste or inspection. They were *incredibly* oily and the vegetables in the sauce were diced frozen-packet style. I’ve tried four different mains from there and unfortunately they were all the same. From my understanding I’ve just been unlucky but after two disappointing meals I won’t be ordering from there again.


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