La Grotta

9 Union Street, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 2DD

la grotta vegan ice cream

We are pleased to stock this delicious vegan ice-cream alternative, made from rice milk, it is gluten free, egg free and additive free! We currently have 2 flavours: Chocolate & Orange blossom. Strawberry & Yuzu. Creamy indulgent and delicious!

La Grotta is the only independent Italian restaurant in the heart of Bristol’s busy shopping area. Family run for 32 years & counting. The location and cosy intimate decor make it an ideal stop for lunch or evening dinner.

For those with delicate pallets we offer a wide variety of options. Ranging from gluten free and dairy free to vegan products. Food intolerances are welcome. We love food and feel that it is important for everyone to enjoy eating out.

3 thoughts on “La Grotta

  1. we visited, very disappointing! No vegan cheese in stock as they had ran out. Won’t be revisiting as we were promised it was always stocked. Only one main menu vegan choice and starters had to be adapted to make them vegan. Not really great for Vegans!


    • That’s a shame – my colleague reported great food here. Maybe it’s worth ringing up beforehand? The manager sent me a really friendly email a while back, with all sorts of vegan options planned. So maybe if enough of us go they might get on it! Here’s hoping.


    • La Grotta is really great for vegans, they occasionally run out of vegan cheese because there’s a lot of demand for it, which is great too 🙂 They have more than one main menu vegan choice, starters and desserts. They have more vegan options than almost everywhere in Bristol, how anyone can be disappointed I don’t know.
      Please see below an email the owner sent me.

      We really need to print out a separate menu for our lovely Vegans & Gluten free’s.

      If it’s an impromptu visit then the chefs will offer Starters of Bruschetta Pomodoro – tomatoes, red onion, Garlic and Fresh Basil on Toasted Ciabatta or Mushrooms sauteed in Garlic & Olive oil on Ciabatta. Our homemade Minestrone (veggie soup) with Cannillini beans, or Melenzane Parmigiana with Vegan cheese. (Layered aubergine).

      If it’s a planned pre booked visit (where I have some notice) then I can make you some special vegan things if I know you are coming. Like stuffed Peppers with arborio rice and roasted mediterranean veggies and pine nuts topped with vegan cheese or a Vegan Veggie lasagne.

      We always have Pasta and Vegan cheese in stock so you can have a proper Pizza with Vegan cheese and we have lot’s of veggie options for Pizza on our Menu (Our dough is homemade using four, water, salt, yeast, olive oil and a lot of love:) . Or you could have a Veggie Pasta with Tomato based sauce.

      I try to make sure we have vegan custard or ‘cream’ in stock and we do a lovely dessert of oven roasted apples and pears in a port wine & Vanilla syrup dusted with cinnamon. It works well with the soya custard and tastes delish. I also make a mean coconut rice pudding with a hint of fresh lime and topped with a brulee topping ( I use coconut milk & coconut cream so it’s vegan and gluten free) Our dessert menu is constantly changing as we make a lot of homemade sweets so if there was something you wanted me to make for your visit then let me know.

      I myself am Gluten intolerant and we have another member of staff that actually suffers from celiac so we’re brill with Gluten free. This is what prompted us to explore Vegan options as we have found with our own dietary needs that it’s often so hard to be able to get a decent meal out. We are by no means a Vegan restaurant but we are trying to add tasty options for those that follow a Vegan diet. We could probably learn lots from you!! :))

      I hope I’ve been of some help and any ideas or questions then let me know.


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