Colston Tower, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 4XE

Classy joint opposite the Colston Hall, and known to be vegan friendly since the original Kathmandu was a vegetarian take away on Seymour Rd in Easton in the eighties. Expanded to include a second place half way up Gloucester Rd past the Forrester’s in the nineties, then the two places combined to provide the latest reincarnation of Kathmandu in the naughties. Lots of vegan options on the menu and the team always seem happy to oblige, and if there is one place in town where you can be as sure as can be that vegan means vegan in an omnivore restaurant then its here at the Kat, Great value too, and spicy as you like.

One thought on “Kathmandu

  1. I’ve been to Kathmandu twice and have had a great experience each time. The staff advised us on which items were vegan-friendly and were very reassuring and attentive. We’ve had samosas, jalfrezi, mushroom rice, paratta bread, poppadoms and (vegan!) pickle/dip selection – all flavourful, colourful and nicely presented. It’s great if you’re looking for something central, vegan-friendly, a bit fancy and reasonably priced.


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