Bearpit Social

St. James Barton Underpass, Container 1, Bristol BS1 3LY

bearpit social coffee vegan stokes crfot bristol

My dear friends, I’ve shared this journey with some of you for 6 years. We’ve shared stories of your weddings, entering parenthood, divorces, promotions, Brexit and all those life alternating moments. It’s heartbreaking to announce this will be our last trading week (24th Feb).

Bearpit Social aims to be a place where you can get amazing coffee, great food and outstanding service.

Bearpit Social started as an idea that evolved from relentless perseverance in turning somewhere negative into somewhere thriving with life. To use coffee & good food as the vehicle to bring people together to help drive social change in a long neglected space. We aim to use as much fresh, local, ethical and organic produce where possible. Our customers have always been the driving force in sustaining our passion to deliver excellent customer service, great products and wildly delicious food. Asian Fusion, Sandwiches, Vegan and Vegetarian, Lunch, Coffee and Drinks.


3 thoughts on “Bearpit Social

    • Fantastic, Miriam, thanks for that. Violife is your best bet – the block melts not bad and it’s pretty widely available – most big branch supermarkets sell it but so does Essential Trading. Also, you might find it in Holland & Barrett if you run out! It’s much better than Sheese/Tesco or VBites imho and I’ve tested it on my non-vegan friends and they agreed.
      It sounds as if you have plenty of great food ideas but if you need recipes for really good vegan cakes or anything else, give me a shout. I’m the food person for Viva! and am just round the corner in Wilder Street so can nip down for a coffee and quick chat – we offer a free service and love to support independent biz like yourselves.


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