Las Iguanas

Unit A, South Building, Anchor Square, Bristol BS1 5UH

The Venue, Merlin Road, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS10 7SR

12 Seven Dials, Sawclose, Bath BA1 1EN


We live for food, and to bring food alive – with an irresistible bolt of Latin American energy. We rise at the crack of dawn to unload boxes of top-quality, fresh British produce. Then our chefs add carefully sourced ingredients from around the world, to conjure delicious, authentic South American food, made with passion, love and lots of Latin magic.

Our food pulses with its exotic 16th Century roots – a mouth-watering confusion of native Latin American Indian, Spanish, Portuguese and African influences. Las Iguanas is an adventure. You’ll discover new tastes, and fall in love with new favourites – and feel the warmth and welcome of South America.

On the VEGGIE AND VEGAN MENU (Bristol menu pdf), all of the dishes are vegetarian. If they have a V symbol, they are vegan-friendly. If a change to the dish is required, it is indicated with (ask for V). We appreciate how important it is that the food we serve meets your dietary requirements therefore please can we ask you to clearly tell your server that you require a vegetarian or vegan option.

Cafe Conscious

182 Avonvale Road, Barton Hill, Bristol BS5 9SX

Cafe Conscious

Wayne grew up in Jamaica watching his family cook traditional Jamaican dishes. So we decided to start a cafe focused on authentic Jamaican food that was tasty, healthy and ethical.

Cafe Conscious Bristol offers traditional Jamaican food alongside vegan and vegetarian dishes. Jamaican born chef Wayne Dixon prepares food with the best of ingredients and always with a smile!

Turtle Bay

8 Broad Quay, Bristol, BS1 4DA

221 – 223 Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6 5QP

11 Bridge St, Bath BA2 4AS


Veggies and Vegans – we’ve now got a standalone menu for you. No more scouring the fine print and seeking the V/VE symbols, it’s all there in one place! So getting your veg is easy. Check it out here and then ask for it instore.

At Turtle Bay we aim to capture the Caribbean island vibe by serving up exceptional, authentic dishes in an environment inspired by the love of laid-back living. Eating and drinking is at the heart and soul of the Caribbean Island culture and we, here at Turtle Bay, aim to capture the essence of this way of life and the great food that evolves here!!

Zero Degrees

53 Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BA

zero degrees vegan beer


It’s just this simple – By not filtering, pasteurising or using additives, Zerodegrees beer stays healthy and nutritious…and this is exactly what we have done from the beginning.

We started brewing fresh craft beer in 2000 with a small team of brewers who we’re dead set on delivering fresh beer to the growing nation of beer lovers! We designed each brewery so that we could brew on site and in sight – from tank to mouth.

All of the beer served at Zerodegrees go straight from maturation tank to the tap, meaning there no need to keg. It’s tank fresh beer, without the transportation – it really doesn’t get any fresher than that.

The days are long, the temperatures are soaring and the nights are full of laughter. That’s right, summer’s most definitely here and we’ve been working on all sorts of ways to enjoy it even more.

The first thing we want when the mercury rises is a perfectly chilled beer to enjoy, and not any old beer, it has to be summer style – lighter than the ales and porters of winter. Of course we’ve got our usual range of hand-made, vegan-friendly pints made right here – crisp, refreshing pilsner with its trademark bite and our mellow fruity wheat beer are both great in the heat.

Stable Pizza

Canon’s Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5UH

16 George Street, Bath BA1 2EN

stable pizza 2


You’ll easily find us right in the heart of the city, on Bristol’s Harbourside. This venue is our biggest achievement to date; for us it’s huge!

Diners following a vegan diet can eat with ease at all fourteen Stable locations across the country. By choosing any of the vegetarian options on the menu, the chefs can make a simple swap for a vegan-friendly cheese to make it completely animal-free. Alternatively, diners are welcome to customise any of The Stable’s signature pizzas on offer to suit their dietary needs.

With handmade pizzas and more than 80 ciders on offer at The Stable, the menu lends itself perfectly to diners with specific dietary requirements. Gluten-free bases are always available, and are made on site to ensure freshness and quality. A delicious VioLife dairy-free cheese has made it possible for The Stable chefs to cater to those avoiding animal-based milk products.

The Stable has an ethos that champions high quality, seasonal ingredients, and their team of Stablehands are able to ensure their diners’ comfort when choosing menu items to suit their tastes. In addition to the pizzas, the salad selection is easily adaptable as well, with a new range of refreshing, zingy and healthy salads being launched this summer.

Yak Yeti Yak

12 Pierrepont Street, Bath, BA1 1LA

yak yeti yak

Yak Yeti Yak is unique there is no other restaurant quite like it. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly reflecting the owners’ belief that the restaurant is an extension of their own home and customers are guests. Soft ambient music adds to the atmosphere.

Nepal is home to a rich culinary history, full of variety and delicate flavours, reflecting the cultural diversity of the country, from the Indian influence of the plains to the Himalayan region with its Tibetan influence.

In Nepal vegetarian food is a part of everyday life and this is reflected on the menu. The vegetable dishes and vegan dishes receive equal billing with meat dishes. They also have a creamed coconut rice dessert labelled suitable for vegans at this Bath restaurant.

Under the Stars

Narrow Quay, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 4QA

Under the Stars is a unique floating cafe bar moored on Bristol’s Harbourside. As a gentle nod to our position as a nautical venue, our chefs were keen to develop a menu that draws on the idea of travel and taking the best recipes from the places visited by ships leaving Bristol harbour.

This listing has been added to the website either because veganism is understood & recognised, but they have limited vegan options, or because they most probably are vegan friendly but have yet to get back to us.