Dragon Express (closed)


Dragon Express Chinese – Vegetarian Specialists is a Chinese takeaway in Bristol.

Dear customers,  Dragon Express will be closing the Business on 18 April 2017, the last Service will be on 17 April 2017 (Easter bank holiday Monday). We would like to thank all our customers and friends that have supported us during the past 13 years.  We hope see you again in the future . (message to vegetarians or vegan fans we have a sisters shop Cheung’s Fish Bar in Brislington, I’m currently talking to them to cater for this market, so they may have a new menu coming out soon ….watch this Space!  At first it maybe a few vegan dishes “ji and yang dish”  they are currently constructing a website for Cheung’s Kitchen so call the shop at 01179770102 for more details in the future.

Many thanks!

Dragon Express.


11 thoughts on “Dragon Express (closed)

  1. They did the same for me before, called up to check because there was a non-vegan option in the order. Awesome food, they’re the best!


  2. They are always good and tale care with the order, it’s the delivery that’s not so good. I always all an additional 15 mins after the arrival time as they are always late


  3. love dragon express, I’m there so often they can recite my order and have always always double checked if we order a mix of veg and meat


  4. Fair play to Dragon Express: Just ordered a takeaway through just-eat, vegan starter and main for me and a vegan main and meaty soup for my husband. They called back five minutes later to double check that this was deliberate and that we hadn’t accidentally ordered a meat dish


  5. I love dragon express, I’m there so often they can recite my order and have always always double checked if we order a mix of veg and meat.


  6. If you want a really good vegan chinese take away, Dragon Express are seriously good! Had it twice now and both times it has been amazing!! It did take about 2 hours to be delivered, buuuut it was worth it. (Szechuan chilli niu is v good)


  7. Dragon express!!!! I can’t recommend the fake chicken satay skewers highly enough!!!! They do fake pork, chicken, beef, lamb, fish, duck! Seriously fucking amazing!!! Over 100 vegan options!!!


  8. I try to veer away from fake meat options on a day to day basis but sometimes I really want Chinese mock meat and when it’s your birthday… It would be silly not to take advantage of that!

    Dragon Express in Bristol caters for meat eaters but has an extensive veggie menu with veggie chicken, beef, lamb, pork and much more all in your typical Chinese style sauces. They even do that BritishChinese staple of deep fried pork or chicken balls. So unhealthy but somehow you always have to get them.

    Starters are always my fav, particularly satay veggie chicken on skewers and salt and pepper tofu. Veggie lamb with tomato is also a winner. The thinner fake meats like beef and lamb don’t really hit the spot for me as they are quite chewy. Mock duck is quite greasy too unfortunately.

    When you’re looking for a veggie friendly Chinese, you’re on the money with this one. It’s not something you’d have every month but as a treat, you won’t really complain.
    Picture on the blog 🙂



  9. I ordered from Dragon Express and wasn’t sure what to expect having seen mixed reviews online. The staff were really helpful on the phone to clarify what was suitable for vegans (they advised that any dishes with the soya meat substitutes described above, plus spring rolls were vegan, and possibly more but I can’t remember what else!). We went for the Veggie Niu (‘beef’) Beijing style, and Veggie Ji (‘chicken’) Kung Po style, with fried rice and spring rolls. It arrived in 60 minutes (as promised) and was amazing! If you’re looking for an authentic-style chinese take away then I’d recommend this place.


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