Boston Tea Party

Small chain in the South-West. Vegan-friendly options available. Breakfast: they do a vegan ‘full English’ kind of breakfast as well as mushrooms in toast. I haven’t tried their lunch options yet but honestly I trust their food, I’ve never really had any complains. However I would definitely recommend the Stokes Croft location above the others- it’s the most spacious and staff are always so friendly! Drinks-wise I recommend the filter coffee (Columbian at the moment is yummy), and the chai tea with steamed soy milk and cinnamon. They also have a coconut chocolate flapjack that is vegan and yummy.

156 Cheltenham Rd, Stokes Croft, BS6 5RL

1 Princess Victoria St, Clifton Village, BS8 4HR

293 Gloucester Road, Horfield, BS7 8PE

75 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5PF

97 Whiteladies Rd, Bristol, BS8 2NT

19 Kingsmead Sq, Bath, BA1 2AE


2 thoughts on “Boston Tea Party

  1. Recently I spotted the IG post by Katy (eatworklive) about vegan pancakes, & asked if it really was honey used, or honee which doesn’t use animals.

    Katy replied with ” I guess its up to the individual. I choose to eat local honey and other people choose to avoid altogether”.

    I politely pointed out that vegans don’t eat honey as much as vegetarians don’t eat fish, & that labelling oneself vegan but consuming honey only confuses others including those in the catering industry. I also pointed out that it was disappointing since Katy works in marketing for Boston Tea Party, & asked her again politely to reconsder.

    Rather than discuss, & although a personal IG page, Katy clearly states she works in marketing @BTP & is therefore representing them, my comment was deleted?! This wouldn’t be a concern/issue of course if there were no mention of a chain of 20 or so cafes, but was deleting the comment the best way to deal with a query from a customer?

    Can any vegan (or vegetarian, or those with other dietary requirements) eat at Boston Tea Party with confidence? What other ingredients are in BTP food that customers would choose/need to avoid because of someones ‘its up to the individual’ misunderstood opinion? Can you believe BTP marketing? I’d rather eat somewhere that understands what vegan means without having to ask about the understanding on individual ingredients.


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