Beets ‘n Roots Cafe

39 Cotham Hill, Bristol, BS6 6JY

bristol health hub

At Health Hub we aim to put healthy living at the heart of our community and everyday lives. We are a one-stop shop that offers a unique combination of accessible treatments and education, customer-friendly information about health and wellbeing and a vibrant organic café. As a Community Interest Company (CIC) our profits will help fund outreach and education programmes where they are needed most.

Our menu is rich in alkalising and living foods to inspire and help improve health. Delicious and nutritious food and drinks that regenerate, nourish and revive. The Hub range has been developed with nutritional experts and draws on local, seasonal, fresh and organic produce.

Now you can enjoy better health, more energy and increased vitality with our cold-pressed juices. Our juices have enormous amounts of concentrated nutrients that you need without the refined sugars and additives you don’t.

Our juices are available from the Health Hub café or via our ‘press to desk’ service, which delivers 100% organic cold-pressed juices direct to your place of work so you can enjoy a healthy start to your day.


One thought on “Beets ‘n Roots Cafe

  1. I absolutely loved my visit to the Health Hub – you know instantly that they are passionate about healthy, whole, natural foods.

    In the counter there’s a gorgeous array of salads, raw cakes and energy balls, plus their almond milkshakes and raw lasagne.

    I had the raw lasagne and, my goodness, it was good. Layers of courgette, walnut and tomato, and cashew bechamel sauce – it was delicious. While my first thought was that the portions were small compared to most restaurants, I realised while eating it that it’s actually the perfect size to satisfy you without overdoing it.

    I also had the green smoothies which was divine. Sean had the raw tacos – I had a quick mouthful and was very impressed!

    Finally I can’t leave out a mention on the service – they were really attentive and friendly and wanted to make sure you were completely in the know about their food.

    I was even given a little gift by the manager/owner – a box of tulsi capsules, which was actually pretty apt since I’ve been practising yoga most days and have been reading up on ayurveda!

    Highly recommended!


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