26-34 Lower Ashley Road, Bristol, BS2 9NP


Teoh’s aim is to reflect diverse cultures and traditions of the Far East. All our customers can expect the same outstanding Teohs experience in a sleek but informal, non-smoking environment.

Once you’re seated on the communal benches, choose from the fixed-price menu, which is divided into Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian and Specialist sections. There are a few vegetarian dishes on the menu and meat dishes can be adapted to suit individual taste. Our Sky Juice is FREE.

The simple and utilitarian interior keeps a wide cross-section of diners happy. Choice is large, varied and tasty. Each of the 30 different oriental dishes is a delicate balance of texture, aroma, flavour and colour. 17 are available in vegetarian or vegan versions.

If perhaps you are a little short on culinary ideas then you may well be interested in the cookery school that Teohs run, where parties of a dozen or more, for a small fee, get to do all the prep as well as cooking in the kitchen with the option to sample them all afterwards.

Attached to the Teoh’s St Agnes branch is Teoh’s Oriental Supermarket. Here you will find an oriental grocery as well as a shop full of fascinating oriental products.


One thought on “Teohs

  1. I can’t recommend them enough – best Pad Thai ever, even better than the ones I had in Thailand!

    Staff are always very friendly, kitchen is open which is nice, and many of the dishes can be made vegan. ‘Vegan’ is definitely understood here.


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