Schwartz Bros

102 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BG

Sawclose, Bath BA1 1EY


Schwartz Bros, Bath’s Gourmet Burger Takeaway, established in 1977 and today is still under the original ownership.

Our vegeburgers and chickless vegeburgers are made on the premises to our own secret recipe which includes soya and wheat protein, onion, herbs and spices. The patties are suitable for vegans.

Our French fries are unsalted and salt sachets are included so customers can season their fries to suit their own taste. We use rapeseed oil for frying. Our freshly ground coffee is a Brazilian blend and very reasonably priced so why pay more?

One thought on “Schwartz Bros

  1. Can’t believe no one has left a comment about Schwartz Bros!

    The veggie burger as it comes is vegan, but you need to be creative with the chickless as it has mayo, cheese and quorn rashers usually.

    Just ask for it with just lettuce and onion and BBQ instead. Then remind them no cheese or rashers.

    Amazingly delicious. Enjoy

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