Demuths Cookery School (vegan)

6 Terrace Walk, Bath BA1 1LN

Demuths Cookery School is based in the centre of Bath in a wonderful Georgian building, with a modern purpose built kitchen, light and airy and with stunning views of Bath Abbey and Parade Gardens.

We welcome all food lovers to Demuths Cookery School, we are specialists in plant-based cooking. All our cookery courses are vegan, some are raw and gluten-free. Led by Rachel Demuth, our teachers are experienced chefs, our kitchen is spacious and inviting, and our location is perfectly situated in central Bath. Come eager to learn. Leave inspired.

Choose from Diploma courses, weekend, day courses, master classes, half-day and evening sessions. Best of all, discover how to cook with delicious local produce while enjoying the company of like-minded people.

One thought on “Demuths Cookery School (vegan)

  1. I’ve been going to Demuths cookery school classes for a number of years and absolutely love them.

    They are such fun, you meet great people (and the occasional odd ones), spend time cooking, learning about and eating fabulous food. I’ve met a number of people who have become great friends through these courses.

    The tutors are superb, always fun and informative.

    Most (and I say most as the odd one or two they struggle with) courses can be adapted for vegans, many are suitable without any adaptation and some are aimed specifically for vegan diets.


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