Falafel King (veg)


City Centre, Bristol


Falafel King Bristol was established in 2,000 with the opening of the first Falafel outlet of the city, introducing this new middle eastern vegetarian delicacy.

The business now comprises of it’s original van on Bristol’s City Centre, a bakery ‘AbuNoor Pitta Factory’ a middle eastern cafe / deli / takeaway and ‘The Khan’ social and music venue.

Although these days falafel is widely available across the city, they pride themselves on being called one of Bristol’s vegan institutions’.

Note to all concerned, there is NO dairy in our Tahina.

4 thoughts on “Falafel King (veg)

  1. Falafel King in the centre by the harbourside is a great choice if you’re out and about and looking for some quick vegan fast food.

    I don’t personally think it’s as good as Eat a Pitta, the falafel here is a bit drier but the salad and sauces do make up for it. Plus Eat a Pitta closes a 6pm so if you want late night Falafel, Falafel King is a good choice.

    The chilli and mango sauces are a great combination but watch out – very spicy!

    I haven’t tried their tahini as the man who served me had no idea if it contained dairy or not, and while normally it wouldn’t, Eat a Pitta’s does, so I didn’t want to take the risk.


    • Hello, just to let you know our tahina is dairy free and I’ll soon sort out those falafels!
      By the way Eat a Pitta buys his Pitta from our own AbuNoor Pitta factory so it should be good. Keeeeeep Falafeling!!



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