Zest Deli and Cafe


130 Stoke Ln, Bristol BS9 3RJ

We find the very best produce from around Bristol and across the globe. We also offer a range of specialty foods to cater for Gluten free, Dairy Free, Diabetic and Celiac diets and if you have and special request let us know and we will see how we can help you.

With over 35 years of experience within the food industry, Sam offers the best quality home cooked food which is additive free and made from fresh local ingredients. Our menu is suitable for: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free Diets.

Majestic Wine


127 Westbury Road, Westbury-on-Trym ,Bristol BS9 3AP

349 Bath Road, Arnos Vale, Bristol BS4 3EW

12 Wellsway, Bath BA2 2AA

On our website, your search can be narrowed down to just vegan friendly wines using the brown filter bar on the left hand side of the screen. Right at the bottom of this bar, under ‘features’, you can select ‘Vegan’. Your search will only display vegan friendly wines.

Wines suitable for vegans are marked with a dark green ‘V’, whereas wines suitable for vegetarians are marked with a light green ‘V’. In store, it is indicated on the description whether the wines are suitable for vegans or vegetarians. Majestic Wine

A quick glance at the website, and you can also see that they have a decent selection of vegan beers too. These include Peroni, Sharps Doom Bar, Corona, Fullers London Pride, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Paulaner Original, Paulaner Bavarian Wheat Beer, Paulaner Oktoberfestbier, Brooklyn Lager, Aspall Draught Suffolk Cyder, Anchor Steam, Birra Moretti, Orchard Pig Reveller, Black Sheep Ale, St Austell Tribute, Spitfire, to name a few. A great choice for vegan beer and wine for Bristol Vegans in Bristol. VB

Is your booze vegan?

It might seem weird at first, but your favourite drink might have more than just alcohol in it.
Brewmasters, winemakers, and distillers may include animal ingredients in their products directly, or they might use them in the processing and filtration. When making the product, dairy, honey, and other things (including, in one case, a whole chicken dropped in the tank) are ingredients in the final recipe.

When filtering the drinks prior to bottling, companies can use things like isinglass (from fish bladder,) gelatin, egg whites, and sea shells, among other things. These products grab onto the impurities and make it easier to catch them in the filters, though there are many animal-free alternatives in use.

These ingredients don’t usually show up on the label, so the only way to find out is to ask.


Falafel King (veg)


City Centre, Bristol


Falafel King Bristol was established in 2,000 with the opening of the first Falafel outlet of the city, introducing this new middle eastern vegetarian delicacy.

The business now comprises of it’s original van on Bristol’s City Centre, a bakery ‘AbuNoor Pitta Factory’ a middle eastern cafe / deli / takeaway and ‘The Khan’ social and music venue.

Although these days falafel is widely available across the city, they pride themselves on being called one of Bristol’s vegan institutions’.

Note to all concerned, there is NO dairy in our Tahina.



8 The Arcade, Bristol, BS1 3JA

3 Beau Street, Bath, BA1 1QY


ShakeAway is the original re-inventor of MilkShakes and started a cult following in 1999 with the first shop opening.

Are you nut, dairy or gluten intolerant? Are you vegan, veggie or on a diet? …just talk to Shakeaway for your milkshake needs.

At Shakeaway we offer over 50 amazing vegan friendly flavours, which can be paired with organic soya ice cream & soya milk.

Lush (veg)


73 Broadmead, Bristol BS1 3DX

Unit 36 Lower Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS34 5DG

12 Union Street, Bath BA1 1RR


We believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not commission tests on animals and in testing our products on humans.

We invent our own products and fragrances, we make them fresh by hand using little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients and tell you when they were made. Lush