St. James Barton Roundabout, Bristol BS1 3LY

We are setting up Bearritos. It’s a Mexican cantina on a vintage double decker bus in the Bearpit, Bristol. Please watch the video!

A bus? It’s a 1979 Bristol VR double decker that has been craned into it’s new permanent spot inside the Bearpit. As the name suggests it was built in Bristol and was rescued from a local bus graveyard & renovated. Upstairs is for dining, downstairs is the kitchen.

So why Mexican Street Food? It’s what we love! Tacos, burritos, tortas, salsas, quesadillas, chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, molletes…. we want to bring you the freshest original Mexican street food the like of which we experienced on our travels. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on our original and ever-changing menu and our meat will always be ethically sourced.


One thought on “Bearritos

  1. Me and my daughter had a lunchtime burrito here and sat upstairs on the bus. Weird because it feels a bit like you are moving and you can see the cars going round the roundabout. The burrito was stuffed and very filling. The vegan option is clearly labelled on the menu. No soya milk for tea but you can get it from next door and they don’t mind if you take it in.


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