Easy Rawlins Diner (closed)


28 Chelsea Rd, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6AF

easy rawlins vegan breakfast bristol easton

Billie grew up in Glasgow and still harbours a love of Scotland’s rich cuisine. With Nigerian parents and having lived for a short while in the Caribbean Billie loves to bring these varied influences to a modern European Menu.

We welcome vegetarians and vegans. Our vegetarian and vegan dishes are often so tempting they are the meat-eaters first choice too! From our vegan breakfast to our tarte tatin courgette or cashew dahl fritters (recent evening menu highlights), vegetarian and vegan is just another word for delicious!


6 thoughts on “Easy Rawlins Diner (closed)

  1. Yes can second and third this Billie is an angel and I love Easy Rawlins, still getting over my amazing roast hangover from last Sunday xx


  2. If you haven’t already get you self down to Easy Rawlins Diner !

    The food is To die for, staff amazing and atmosphere wonderful !!!

    I had a Caribbean platter, ginger beer and then warm chocolate cake with cream !

    ALL VEGAN obviously

    The owner is wonderful and has lots of vegan options and has lots of time for her customers !

    Honestly in love with this place and will be making it a regular place I visit !!

    Get yourselves some soul food !!!


  3. We had a lovely breakfast this afternoon, amazing food and for afters, a cake each, Tracey had Gluten free pear tart, I had a raw chocolate cake, we also had juices each. Just lovely. Tel 0117 239 9965 open at 10 each day.


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